• Awareness training on the do’s and don’ts in competition law.
  • Customised European Competition Law Compliance Programme.
  • E-learning programme customised to your business.
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Case | Compliance Programme – Trainings


A major car parts manufacturer contacted us after having been investigated and fined by a competition authority in a country outside Europe. Its European headquarter was organising a meeting with the country managers of all of its European subsidiaries. We conducted a training to raise awareness of the do’s and don’ts in European competition law.

In the years following that, we have acted as the compliance officer for its European subsidiaries. When a European business was confronted with a question on competition law, we provided them with a quick and short answer and a practical solution.

These cases formed the basis for the creation and implementation of an e-learning programme for the manufacturer. We also drafted the additional documentation in order to complete the full European Competition Law Compliance Programme. This Compliance Programme is completely customised to the industry sector in which the company is active and the specific risk factors applicable to it.