You are on the verge of agreeing with your distributor one specific element of your distribution, such as a resale price, recommended price, discounts, territorial restrictions, online sales or a promotion campaign. You would like to know whether this is allowed in order to continue your business. Call or contact us to get a quick ‘yes’ or ‘no’.

InesLegal offers you a quick scan and you immediately know where you stand. One short phone call away and you can continue your business. A quick and short practical advice with a business oriented solution.

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Case | Textile – Quick scan


The managing director of a textile manufacturing company contacted us by phone. A couple of his larger distributors were complaining that some other distributors were reselling his products online below the resale price recommended by the manufacturer. The manufacturer was asked to take actions against these price-undercutting distributors.

The manufacturer wanted to know whether he could take actions against these price-undercutting distributors whilst staying within the legal boundaries. A short ‘do’s and don’ts’ answer was sufficient for the manufacturer to know his rights and to be able to inform his complaining distributors in accordance with competition law.