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Competition / antritrust law, our expertise

InesLegal is expert in competition / antitrust law with over twenty years of experience working at the Netherlands competition authority (ACM), at international companies and working as competition / antitrust law expert for a dozen international law firms.

After having worked for seven years at the ACM, InesLegal decided early 2009 to continue as an independent entrepreneur in order to better serve the business community with competition / antitrust law issues. Over the past ten years, InesLegal has experienced that you can save costs and time by consulting a competition / antitrust law expert in time.

  • Would you like to check whether your distribution plans are legal? Would you like to find a solution to stay within the legal boundaries?
  • Do you have the feeling that your competitor or distributor is acting in a way that infringes competition / antitrust law?
  • Are your complaints on unfair competition insufficiently being heard?
  • Don’t you get clarity and do you want to know where you stand?

Contact InesLegal and your concerns are out of your hands.


InesLegal offers the following services:

Quick scan:

  • You are on the verge of agreeing with your distributor one specific element of your distribution, such as a resale price, recommended price, discounts, territorial restrictions, online sales or a promotion campaign. You would like to know whether this is allowed in order to continue your business. Call or contact us to get a quick ‘yes’ or ‘no’.


  • You would like to know which actions you are allowed to take against online distributors or retailers.
  • You want to get advice on whether your distribution contracts are competition / antitrust law proof. We will find a solution on how to abide by the rules and for you to continue to do business.
  • You are in a dispute with your competitor or a distributor and you would like to know where you stand and how to proceed further.
  • You are being accused of having infringed competition / antitrust law. You would like to know whether that is correct, which risks you may run and what you could do.
  • You have the impression that a party with a dominant position abuses its dominant position and you want to take action against that.


  • A competition authority has contacted you or is standing at your premises. You need assistance and want to know what your rights are.
  • You want an expert to check the documents taken by a competition authority during an investigation or the documents with a view to submitting a leniency application. You want to know which risks you may run and how a competition authority is likely to assess the documentation.
  • You would like your business and your personnel to be prepared and to know what to do when the competition authority is at your premises to go through your administration and computers.
  • You want a manual and procedural guidelines for you and your employees to know what to do when a competition authority starts an investigation.
  • A competition authority is requesting information from you as a market party. You would like an expert to look at the answers before sending it back to the authority.

Legal representation:

  • A competition authority is conducting an investigation at your premises going through all your files and your administration. You need legal representation and someone who will defend your rights.
  • You are considering to submit a leniency application at one of the competition authorities and you need legal representation.
  • Procedures at the competition authority or at the courts are on the verge of starting and you need expert legal representation.


  • You want your managers, sales and marketing employees to be trained on raising awareness on the do’s and don’ts in competition / antitrust law.
  • You want a customised programme for current and future employees to be aware of competition / antitrust rules and to be compliant with it.
  • You want to have a customised e-learning programme for your business.

All services can be provided in English, French or Dutch.

In addition to that, InesLegal has an extensive network of experts in other legal fields in order to serve you.

Please feel free to contact us in order to know where you stand!

InesLegal Expert in competition law